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Arty Breakfast with Manami Sasaki’s Toasts. No one makes toasts better than Manami Sasaki, who raised this morning practice to the rank of art. With fruits, vegetables, sauces and spreads, Japanese artist and designer turns slices of bread into real short-lived artworks. Manami Sasaki developed her edible creations during the lockdown, seeing it as an opportunity to get up early to prepare her breakfast so as to not be lazy anymore. #graphic #inspiration #photo
Subversively Elegant Portraits of Indigenous People Drawn on Repurposed Ledgers by Artist Chris Pappan. Using graphite, colored pencils, ink, and water-based media, the artist illustrates black-and-white portraits on a variety of intentionally sourced materials, like municipal ledgers and mining certificates. One artwork (shown below) features five mirrored figures imprinted on Boy Scouts of America neckerchiefs that offer commentary on the destructive practices of the youth organization by recreating appropriated imagery. #Illustration #art #colored #portrait #people
The Blue Hour: Lyrical Illustrations Catalog a Menagerie of Specimens in Earth’s Rarest Pigment. French illustrator and author Isabelle Simler deftly renders the liminal time surrounding dusk through a poetic exploration of Earth’s rarest color. The Blue Hour winds through the natural world on a journey to spot the pigment, from a bluejay resting on ice-coated branches to robin’s eggs to midnight skies and ocean depths. Simler focuses on “this time of day, when daytime animals enjoy the last moments before nighttime animals wake up. This in-between where the sounds and smells are denser and where the bluish light gives depth to the landscapes.”#animals #birds #books #color #drawing #Iinsect #landscapes #nature #art #illustration
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