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💥 80W Soldering Iron 💥
> Digital display
> Adjustable Temperature
> 6 Welding tips
> free shipping
Buy here ➡️ http://ali.pub/4rqk6g
💥 Li-ion 18650 3000mAh 20A
Only 2.25$
Buy here ➡️ http://ali.pub/4s9vgp
🔥CREALITY 3D Printer Ender-3
Sale -20%
>Quick heating
>High precision
>Easier to level
>High quality extruder
>Resume printing
>Stable power supply
🌟 Buy with discount ➡️ http://ali.pub/4siv2u ⬅️
🌟 MrK Blockvader
MrK_Blockvader is a fun little robot with tiny buzzer, but don't let the blocky look fools you. He could be equipped with the color sensor, distance sensor, a radio module to communicate with other Blocky with alike capability, with a base or with a controller.
Learn more ➡️ https://www.instructables.com/id/MrK-Blockvader/
💥 Step drill bits 💥
> 4-12/20/32 mm
> high quality HSS steel
> Titanium coat
💵 Starts at 7.91$
Buy here ➡️ http://ali.pub/4t7dgg ⬅️
🔥 Pong Tennis With LED Matrix, Arduino and Joysticks
This project is intended for beginners and experienced tinkerers alike. At a basic level it can be done with a breadboard, jumper wires and stuck to to a piece of scrap material (I used wood) with Blu-Tack and no soldering. However on a more advanced level it can be soldered to perf board or a custom PCB.
Read more ➡️ https://www.instructables.com/id/Pong-Tennis-With-LED-Matrix-Arduino-and-Joysticks/
🌟 Solid-state relay modules for Arduino/RaspberryPI
1/2/4/8 ways
5V logic
Starts at 1.20$
Buy ➡️ http://ali.pub/4umy0g ⬅️
✈️ Obstacle Avoiding LEGO Robot
We love LEGO and we also love Crazy Circuits so we wanted to combine the two into a simple and fun robot that can avoid running into walls and other objects. We'll show you how we built ours, and outline the basics needed so you can build your own. Your version might not match ours exactly, and that's okay.
Read more ➡️ https://www.instructables.com/id/Obstacle-Avoiding-LEGO-Robot/
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